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Can Orthognathic Surgery help me chew better?

Orthognathic Surgery is a surgical procedure that allows the correction of dysmorphia of the face in which the maxillary bones are poorly positioned. This poor bone positioning of the jaws naturally leads to changes in dental occlusion (the way your teeth fit together) and this, in turn, influences chewing, an essential function of the human body.

If in many cases the main reason that leads a patient to seek a surgical solution to his problem is the desire to improve the harmony and beauty of his face, in many cases the motivation is purely functional. That is, the patient intends to optimize his breathing, speech or chewing.

Food is a nutritional act fundamental to life, but eating is a social act. And, the chewing difficulties that dentofacial dysmorphias cause can be highly harmful to physical and emotional well-being.

Thus, one of the fundamental objectives of orthognathic surgery is to restore a comfortable dental occlusion that allows you to eat with satisfaction.

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