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Hearing Aids

At Clínica Lage & Neto, you will find hearing aid solutions tailored to your hearing, economic and social needs, with the quality and technology that will allow you to recover your hearing and integrate you into your social, family and work life.

Our clinic strives for quality, so we have hearing aids available with the best technology on the market, an internationally renowned brand, OTICON, which offers a wide variety of models of hearing aids that deal with all types of hearing loss.

Oticon In-Ear Device

In-ear hearing aids are custom-made for your ear canal. It's a more discreet and virtually unnoticeable hearing solution.

This device is known as Own and was made to meet your needs, it stands out for its good audiological performance, discretion and comfort, since it is a device that adapts to the shape of your ear and your lifestyle.

Oticon behind-the-ear device

Behind-the-Ear Aids are the most common hearing aid models. This device fits behind the ear and has a thin tube that goes over the top of the ear and into the ear canal.

This device is known as More and is characterized by its lightness and reduced size. In this device it is possible to connect with other devices (mobile phone) without resorting to wires.

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