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Low Back Pain

Low back pain or lumbar pain is located in the lowest region of the spine, near the pelvis. It is a common, episodic and recurring problem. It is a long-term, persistent condition with a variable clinical course and multiple interrelated episodes.

Most people with an episode of acute low back pain are substantially better or fully recovered within 6 weeks, although recurrence of pain is common.

Most low back pain episodes have a favorable prognosis.

Staying active despite the pain and returning to work as soon as possible are key to a good prognosis.

Prolonged rest can delay recovery, so try to do it only on SOS and for a maximum of 2 days.

Movement will be your best treatment.

In most cases, auxiliary means of diagnosis, such as X-ray or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, are not essential for an effective treatment, having the disadvantage of exposing you to unnecessary radiation.

Your X-ray or MRI will probably show several degenerative changes and eventually one or more herniated discs. However, these changes are common in most people and do not cause pain in these people.

The use of imaging methods should only be used in situations of suspected specific pathology or radiculopathy.

Performing or not performing tests has the same effect on treatment results and the evolution of the condition.

Physiotherapy is a commonly used treatment approach in the management of individuals with low back pain and the best available evidence suggests that programs based on education and therapeutic exercise are more effective compared to other conservative approaches.

To control your pain, you can do your day-to-day or work tasks more slowly and/or interrupt, just temporarily, some of these tasks.

What can you do to prevent further episodes of pain?

Maintaining an active lifestyle, with regular physical exercise, is one of the most effective strategies for preventing new episodes of pain.

It is possible that you will experience low back pain at some point in your life. In this case, it is important that you follow the previous recommendations, always remembering that the prognosis for low back pain is favorable.

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