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Non-invasive treatments for localized fat

Localized fat corresponds to fat that is accumulated in certain regions of the body, because of the difference between calories ingested and calories expended. This accumulation can also be influenced by genetic factors, sedentary lifestyle, and poor eating habits.

It is a condition that puts health at risk, as it increases the predisposition for the onset of cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the shape of the body is altered, which causes dissatisfaction and sometimes psychological problems.

We recognize that changing one's lifestyle, associated with the practice of physical exercise and the adoption of a healthy diet, is the first and most important step towards a healthy life and better self-esteem. However, even adopting these changes, there are areas of the body with localized fat that are difficult to eliminate. To help in these situations, Aesthetic Medicine can be a strong ally. There are aesthetic treatments that allow you to reduce localized fat, promote skin firmness and improve body contours. For a conscious and appropriate choice, we advise you to visit an Aesthetic Medicine Assessment consultation, to understand your clinical history and your needs in order to advise you on the most appropriate treatment.

Next, we present two examples of non-invasive aesthetic procedures for the treatment of localized fat:

Mesotherapy: this procedure requires small amounts of products such as Phosphatidylcholine and Sodium deoxycholate to be injected into the layer of fat under the skin, to make it more permeable, and to promote its gradual elimination.

Lipolytic: this procedure is indicated for fats that are difficult to eliminate with physical exercise and a healthy diet. The injections contain an active substance which in turn contains deoxycholic acid which helps in the destruction of fat cells. This acid is biocompatible with the human organism, since it is naturally produced by it.

Promoting the adoption of a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards having quality of life, however, when necessary, non-invasive aesthetic procedures offer effective options to combat localized fat, improving not only physical appearance, but also self-esteem and health as a whole.

Book your Aesthetic Medicine Assessment Appointment and find out how these procedures can help you achieve your goals safely and effectively.

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