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General Medicine

At Clínica Lage & Neto you have immediate medical consultations or follow-up of your health at your disposal. In the General Medicine consultation, primary health care is provided to patients and their families, of all ages, and throughout their lives. A generalist and global approach to the patient is carried out, with guidance for the prevention, diagnosis and cure of pathologies and, whenever necessary, directs him to areas of medical or surgical specialties while accompanying his path, in a relationship of proximity and link of connection.

Going regularly to General Medicine Appointments is essential to prevent and treat illnesses, keeping your health up to date.

Intervention Areas:
  • General and regular follow-up
  • Periodic general assessments
  • Family planning
  • Assessment and treatment of acute illness
  • Monitoring of chronic diseases
  • Drug adjustment
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common diseases
  • Referral to specialties
  • Preventive follow-up (exams)
  • Assessment and certification for the practice of sport and leisure
  • Driving license assessment and certificacion
Doctors / Specialists
Dr.ª Marisa Lage
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